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I am Emmi, a graphic designer and illustrator from Finland. I spent my early years as a self-proclaimed guerilla artist, making paper installations with masking tape and drawing with the charcoals from my family’s fireplace. I ended up moving to the Netherlands to study branding and communications, and it was there that I discovered the world of illustration and graphic design. Today I am still based in The Netherlands, where I continue to draw and live in symbiosis with Photoshop.

I have worked as a designer-illustrator for different companies worldwide, illustrating children’s books and designing educational materials, books and websites. I have also dipped into UX design and user testing in the field of edutech, which has greatly broadened my view as a designer. My mission is to create visuals that delight children and grown-ups alike, which is why I always try to inject some playfulness into everything I do.

I’m always happy to connect, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like say hi (or recommend a great tea blend)!
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