Project Description


Bomberbot creates accessible and engaging solutions for teaching children digital skills that will be essential in the modern society.

I was responsible for creating a refreshed identity for the brand. This included creating new branding and communication guidelines, designing and building a new website and working closely with the marketing team to create promotional materials for all online and offline channels.


Graphic design
Web design



Bomberbot’s original brand identity was in need of strengthening. Next to defining the company’s vision, mission and values more clearly, also the visual brand identity needed to be refreshened and applied coherently through all different channels. The goal with the new visual identity was to give the brand a modern yet playful look that would appeal to the company’s main target groups: children, parents and teachers.

THE WEBSITE got a more modern look with the new colour palette, cleaner design and custom-made icons. While designing and building the website, I paid special attention to the structure of its content to make sure that the website would communicate the brand’s core message strongly and encourage action.


The new visual identity was applied to all PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS and CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINTS. For this, I created various designs and illustrations for flyers, merchandise, online brochures, banners and posters.

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