Project Description

Game engine design

We wanted to build a platform that would allow kids to learn basic programming concepts in a fun way by building games with the use of visual coding blocks. The goal was to make it more simple and visually appealing to kids and teachers than the already existing game engines on the market.

I was responsible for the UI and UX design of the platform. Together with a small team of developers and education specialists, we tested the platform and conducted interviews that allowed us to optimize the interface for kids and teachers alike. Next to designing the actual platform, I also illustrated assets for the platform’s media library.


UI design
UX design


Studio Krok / Bomberbot

User flow

Children being the main users of this platform, we wanted to make it object-oriented and as visual and simple as possible. The navigation bar on the right is where the most crucial interactions happen. It allows users to easily add objects and navigate between different elements while giving visual feedback on which element is currently being edited.

The actual programming happens by adding code to the objects in the game. By structuring all the code under objects, users can easily keep track of what each object does and maintain a clear structure in their project. The codeblocks that are used to build code use explanatory icons and are categorised with colours based on their functionality. This way users will quickly begin to recognize codeblocks that are related e.g. to movement, change of appearance or variables such as score.

BASIC USER FLOW showcasing steps to create game objects and adding codeblocks to them. Click through the gallery below.

SCREEN RECORDING of the latest released version (Dec 2018) showcasing some of the main functionalities:

  • PLAYING your own game
  • USING OBJET SETTINGS to change the looks of of game objects

Examples of GAME ASSETS; players, backgrounds and other elements

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