Emmi Ojala | Contemplation Café
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Contemplation Café

A set of illustrations and designs created for a private coaching practice asking for sweet, friendly and creative designs to visualise its identity.


The project included logo design, creating illustrations for the company’s website as well as illustrating and designing a series of ebooks.

Ebooks on Amazon Kindle

Client testimonial:
“I’ve been working with Emmi  for over a year now; she has done corporate design, book illustrations and complete layouts for my books. I found Emmi to be a true gem to work with: she is a star at recognizing the vision I have for the different products and is most accurate at putting vague ideas into picture-perfect reality. Always respectfully pointing out the improvements that can be made and constantly ensuring high quality of the process and the outcome, Emmi is a joy to work with.”
– Elles Lohuis, The Contemplation Café


Design, Illustration, Magazines/books